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Bobcats vs Hawks Exhibition Game

Today the Bobcats are taking on the Hawks in the first of a series of two preseason games. Tonight at 7 pm, it's at home. It may be on your television on your local Fox Sports Carolinas channel or whatever the hell FSCR stands for, or on NBA TV.

It looks like the starting lineup will be Augustin/Henderson/Maggette (if he's healthy)/Thomas/Diaw.

Rick Bonnell says it's possible that Biyombo signs his contract in time to play tonight. I wouldn't count on it, but if he does, expect limited effectiveness. He hasn't been able to practice with the team during training camp, so I wouldn't think he'll gel right away if he does play.

This will probably be an ugly game, as unprepared, rushed basketball tends to be. There will be a lot of turnovers and fast breaks. WOO FUN