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Bobcats-Hawks preseason game recap (of sorts)

I'm not going to do a traditional recap for a preseason game, so I'll keep it brief.

  • Kemba looked good. He shot poorly for most of the night, but picked his shot selection very well and was constantly aware of where his teammates were. I liked how he was able to create in the midrange. Further, his ability to get to the line is desperately needed by this team. He was particularly -- oh, what do the kids call it these days? oh yeah -- clutch, as time wound down and he squeezed between three Hawks big men in the paint to lay up a floater over them to put the Bobcats on top. Not a perfect performance, not one to declare him the next coming of the point god over, but good. Now let's see what he can do at the end of a real NBA game, in real crunch time.
  • Tyrus Thomas went down with a mild left ankle sprain, and did not return. X-rays were negative, but he's going to sit out the following preseason game as well as a precaution.
The rest of the recap I'll leave in picture form after the jump




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