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David says goodbye... say hello to Ben

Back in 2007, I started Rufus on Fire, thinking that, someday, a few like-minded people might take an interest in what I had to say about the Charlotte Bobcats. My friends wondered what an avowed "baseball guy" was doing writing a basketball blog, and I’d tell them, in so many words, that Gerald Wallace could convert anyone.

Today, I’m leaving my position with Rufus on Fire because recently I was given new responsibilities at my day job that would result in a clear conflict if I continued here. I don’t do this lightly. For over three years, this site has been my baby and my primary passion, and I care about it as much as any other project. I’m determined to leave the site in good hands.

So, please welcome the new head of Rufus on Fire, Ben Swanson. You might know him by his SBN username of WhatAboutBob_cats, or from his posts on Bobcats Baseline, or from his Twitter handle @CardboardGerald. I’m consistently entertained and piqued by his work, and I’m confident you will be, too.

I’ll still be around, doing lots of signed and unsigned work at, posting all kinds of stuff at my personal web site,, and even though I’m not really a commenter type, I’ll probably contribute my two cents every so often here.

There are too many people to thank for their encouragement, advice, and fellowship as I worked on RoF, as this is the kind of endeavor that encourages communication with hundreds of different people, but I do want to thank a few folks, specifically. Tyler Bleszinski, Chris Mottram, Seth Pollack, and the entire SBN crew, both up front and behind the scenes: you rock. Thank you for building a platform friendly to readers and writers alike, and which encourages democratization of content production without sacrificing quality. And Jessica: thank you for putting up with my obsession for so long. Now, we might be able to watch Glee the night it airs.

Thank you for reading and participating over the years. I hope you show Ben all the passion and dedication you showed me.