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Silas Given One-Year Contract Extension

As expected, Bobcats head coach Paul Silas was given a one-year contract extension and had the 'interim' tag removed.

My take: I think this is a great move. Silas may not be the best coach in the league, but he is excellent. Players love to play for him, he has good offensive strategy without compromising too much on the defensive end and he develops young talent. That said, perhaps my favorite part of this move is that it looks like the assistant coaching staff is going to stay as well. Stephen Silas is worth a very good look as Paul's successor as head coach (as Paul notes) and Charles Oakley is transforming the career of Kwame Brown. In fact, I like the one year deal better than my two/three year deal that I proposed recently because Stephen Silas would be more likely to stick around.

After the jump are tweets from AP writer Mike Cranston and News 14 Sports Director, Mike Solarte who attended the press conference. There is also a poll to gauge fan reaction to the extension.

Mike Cranston

Silas: "It's a very exciting day for me. ... My main goal when I took this job was to change the atmosphere, change the attitude."

Silas says he has no problems with only a one-year extension. Confident #Bobcats can make the playoffs.

Rod Higgins happy with uptempo style, improved defense under Silas. "He's a joy to work with." Not sure Higgins would say that about LB.

Higgins acknowledges will have numerous discussions about trades before next week's deadline, but not promising any deals.

Mike Solarte

Entire staff coming back. GM Higgins says they have rest of this season to evaluate players, coaches.

Silas: "another year is a blessing. Givesus [sic] stability. Players have to buy in. Look at roster to see where improvements can be made."

Silas: "my staff took a risk with me, now they are secure too."

Silas credits Charles Oakley for big men improvements. Says players didn't look at interim tag that much.

Silas says his son is capable of being a head coach, perhaps even successor. Paul says he'd be behind-the-bench assistant for Stephen.

And because I have a heart, too: Best part of presser: Silas making faces at his grand daughter. She's a cutie too. Son Stephen watching the proceedings as well. Nice mkment [sic]