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Friday Links

Here are some excellent articles from around the Blogosphere, some pertaining to the Bobcats and some to just the NBA in general.

  • C2CBA Part I: The CBA situation is never an easy thing to discuss - even moreso if you're trying to look at it from the owners' side of the negotiations. Bruce Barker does an excellent job doing just that. (Trade Street Post)
  • Bobcats Baseline: Dr. E's take on extending Paul Silas' contract and the interesting article on Silas' health that seemed to go unnoticed.
  • Spurs' Winning Formula: Keep it Simple: As usual, the Spurs are flying under the radar. Except this year, they're so much different from the generalizations that people make about the team; they're young and the offense is fun to watch. Oh, and they have the best record in the league by a mile. (Fanhouse)
  • No, Dwight Howard is Not "Properly Rated," Despite Bill Simmons' Claims: OPP's Evan Dunlap isn't buying Bill Simmons' argument that Dwight Howard is "not quite great." (Orlando Pinstriped Post)
  • Black Holes By Postion: 'Nuff Said. Worth a good look. (Basketball-Reference)