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Trade Deadline Nears; No Moves Seem Imminent for Bobcats

As tomorrow's trade deadline gets closer and closer to it's ultimate end, it looks like the Bobcats will not be making any moves. There were reports that the Bobcats were shopping Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw, to the surprise of few. However, talks have gone quiet.

Paul Silas has explained it to the press as other teams wanting too much in return for little: "If you give up something, you have to get something. That's a major problem - people want to take what you have and give nothing back - that's not going to happen. We'll keep what we have and go with it."

But talk is cheap, right? A trade could definitely still go down before the deadline.

Frankly, I don't know if I'd even make a trade. From my perspective, the Bobcats don't have many players that are highly valued that we are also willing to trade away. Meanwhile, the Bobcats are trying to trade away players who have severely declined in value and thus are not being offered much in return.. As you might expect, this is not the situation the Bobcats are excited to be in.

So what happens? Well, I'd focus on keeping a young core and trading just about anyone else. Yes, rebuilding basically. This core is structured around D.J. Augustin, Gerald Henderson and Tyrus Thomas. Derrick Brown is another young guy I'd like to keep around, but he's not quite at the level of the guys I want to be the core. I'd also like to hold onto Shaun Livingston because he's an excellent backup point guard and his contract is fantastic. Everyone else? Available for the right price. Don't overlook that - THE RIGHT PRICE. That means not trading Gerald Wallace for the Cavs' TPE. For me, the price I'm looking at are decent draft picks or young talent. Cap space is nice, but it doesn't do much for small market teams that aren't a destination for quality free agents.

But the Bobcats also want to still make the playoffs, which is understandable.

And there's the rub. It doesn't look like teams value those players as much as we do, so we're stuck at the drawing board. The team doesn't want to give up too much and lose complete sight of the playoffs but they also want to get talent or picks in return for players that other teams just don't value as much. So it looks like the Bobcats will probably stand pat, but don't be surprised if a trade does go down. This is the NBA Trade Deadline after all.