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Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic preview -- Game 59

Today's Tunes: Time 4 Sum Aksion - Redman

Here we go, ladies and germs. New day, new players. I don't expect any change in the starting lineup from the other night, but this team will be much deeper that the one that suited up against the Kings on Friday.

Dante Cunningham will shore up the power forward position, along with the addition of DJ White. Przybilla, likely in limited minutes, will help Kwame at center. Sean Marks may as well, but it's still up in the air if the Bobcats will hold on to him or not.

Game Overview: The Magic have been quite inconsistent since their trade for Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu. Just last week, they lost to a Tyreke Evans-less Kings team and then the following game, the Magic crushed the Thunder by 23.

Dwight Howard is having a terrific year (MVP quality, though no one's really talking about it because the team isn't as good as last year) and the Bobcats frontcourt is no better than it was the last time the two teams faced each other. It's never a good match-up for the Bobcats, but it will be interesting to see how this new, much younger team plays up to the competition. They showed heart against the Kings, but this Magic team is much better.

Key Matchup:  I've been wrong on every matchup so far, so let's go for three in a row, huh? I'll be a little broader this time and just say the key matchup will be the wings. As Bobcats fans probably remember, Jason Richardson's defense isn't good. Let's hope that Henderson comes out sans the nerves he started with against Sacramento. At the small forward, I'm pretty sure Jackson can handle guarding Turkoglu. Conversely, Turkoglu's defense is decent when he's focused. Will he be focused against a Gerald Wallace-less Bobcats team? I doubt it.

Not Really a Meme-y Thing About the Opponent Because Mickael Pietrus Isn't There Anymore: I know Gilbert Arenas is really struggling in Orlando, but his shoe game is FANTASTIC this year.