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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics preview -- Game 51

The Big Picture: The tide is turning against Kevin Garnett. Previously regarded as the crazy troublemaking cousin everyone knows about but puts up with because, well, there are other, slimier dudes out there who deserve our ire -- so why waste it on a guy who barks loudly without much bite? -- now he's almost fully cast as the league's foremost bully. You can't get down on all fours and taunt Jose Calderon without looking like a fool, and you can't be incredulous that dispensing a groin shot to Channing Frye would be met with universal derision.

While true that if he wore our laundry, we'd look past most of it, he doesn't, and so 92% of the NBA universe doesn't.

Wednesday and Friday's games won't be nearly as tough as this one, so here's hoping the Bobcats "compromise" against them, and come out with everything they've got in this game.

Musical Interlude: Bone Thugs n Harmony -- "Tha Crossroads"

Key to Victory: Ray Allen just won't decline. Let's face it: he'll be coming hard off screens and destroying his local Y league when he's 60. Right now, though, he's still quick enough that he worries me going up against Stephen Jackson. A small part of me wonders if it wouldn't be better to put Gerald Wallace on Allen and have him give chase instead of of Jack, who can guard Paul Pierce just as well as Crash could.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: In is pro and college seasons combined, Rajon Rondo is shooting 24% from three.