Blazer's Coach Change Headband Rule For Wallace


Gerald Wallace dons a headband When the Blazers began shootaround Tuesday morning, they were greeted to a stunning sight: McMillan wearing a headband. The coach walked over to Wallace and handed it to him, as if to say, "I don’t care if you wear one." Wallace wore it during shootaround and is expected to wear it against the Rockets tonight. Wallace, who has worn a headband throughout his career, did not wear one Sunday night out of respect for McMillan, who banned them when he was hired as coach in Portland. But Wallace said he "didn’t feel right" without one and he certainly didn't look right in his debut, when he had nine points and five rebounds in a Blazers loss. A more pressing question after shootaround: Would Wallace wear that headband as a starter or off the bench? McMillan, saying he liked the chemistry his current starting lineup has shown, said Wallace will again come off the bench.