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Bobcats Narrowly Defeat Raptors 95-90

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Just a short recap today as I'm heading back to Chapel Hill shortly.

Bobcats vs Raptors boxscore



  • The Bobcats were able to take advantage of the Raptor's weak interior defense with sharp, effective cuts.
  • Utilized screens to free up players for open jumpers.
  • Starters played very well, scoring efficiently. (Diaw 7-9, Henderson 7-13, Augustin 8-14, Jackson 5-14)
  • I've talked about how I'd like to see Diaw to post up more and in today's game, he did with good results - albeit against a team with lackluster defense.
  • D.J., we missed you, buddy! Nice to see your shot back, knocking down open threes. Your decision-making was also decent, taking the open shot when defenders go under screens.
  • Defended pretty well, keeping DeRozan from getting going and holding Toronto to 41.8% shooting from the field as a team.
  • Forced the Raptors into 21 turnovers.


  • This was a very messy game, with 18 turnovers for the Bobcats.
  • Bobcats lacked interior defense and rebounding presence, allowing a bunch of and-ones in the second quarter as the Raptors cut into the paint for easy lobs to their big men who finished after the foul. Reggie Evans also had 17 rebounds off the bench for Toronto. Heck, Evans singlehandedly had as many offensive rebounds as the whole Bobcats team did.
  • Bench wasn't as productive as previous games with Livingston continuing his slump (1-2 FG) and Tyrus Thomas still working to get back into the flow of things. D.J. White had much more limited minutes as Tyrus eases back into the lineup and what with Diaw playing so well. Dante Cunningham was good though, with 8 points on six shots and 3 rebounds, 3 steals and a block.