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Bobcats no-show, lose by 16 to Rockets

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Bobcats vs Rockets boxscore

The Dream Shake

Though this game was in reach for nearly the whole game, the Bobcats never really looked in it, falling to Houston 94-78. Just about every player except for D.J. Augustin looked blasé and uninterested.

In short, it was an embarrassing loss.

And I don't mean that to cheapen this for Houston, but I mean Chuck Hayes, of all people, dominated the game with 17 rebounds, 9 points and 7 assists.

On the Bobcats side of things, Stephen Jackson was horrendous, shooting 2-14 from the field. Gerald Henderson wasn't much better, going 3-11. 

But the worst thing is that this was a very winnable game that the Bobcats lost because of an extremely poor team effort. There was no ball movement or post presence for Charlotte as they dropped to a 28-39 record.



1st Quarter - The first quarter showed signs of a rough evening with the Bobcats playing sloppy basketball and turning the rock over five times. Kwame Brown was especially culpable, bobbling everything - especially round, spherical orange sports balls. Fortunately, he was aggressive, scoring three buckets in the quarter. D.J. Augustin was playing pretty well, with his shot falling.

2nd Quarter - More concerning problems than Kwame's hands became evident as the Bobcats offense became stagnant. Stephen Jackson used more isolation plays, halting ball movement until he stopped jab stepping and put up a contested midrange shot. As we all know, Stephen Jackson isn't always flambé like he was against the Trail Blazers last week. But when you're oh-fer ten on the night, one would figure it might help the team more to spread the ball around and try to be more effective than continuing what you've done so far that hasn't been working.

3rd Quarter - Just more of the same. Poor ball movement, no one hitting a shot despite decent looks. In the game preview I said that Houston had terrible defense. They do. But you can't expect to beat any team, bad defense or not, without decent ball movement or above average defense, which the Bobcats did not play. Charlotte was awful in the paint, notably against Chuck Hayes and Jordan Hill. Hayes, an extremely undersized center, out-muscled for better position and ended his night with nine more rebounds than the Bobcats' starting frontcourt. Charlotte also was outrebounded 51-37 on the night - all with Luis Scola out due to injury. Houston also beat up the Bobcats with their offensive rebounding, grabbing 15 to Charlotte's six. Tyrus Thomas had a lot of trouble guarding the stronger Jordan Hill who went 5-7 FG for 10 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks.

4th Quarter - The Bobcats brought the Rockets lead within grasp with about seven minutes remaining, trailing by only six. However, the Rockets took control and the game was never in question after that point. Diaw, though effectively scoring in the post for most of the game disappeared in the fourth quarter along with the Bobcats offense. Garbage time ensued en route to another loss. Fortunately for the Bobcats' playoffs hopes, Indiana and Milwaukee also lost. Just another night in the race for the 8th seed in the East.