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Charlotte Bobcats at Oklahoma City Thunder game preview -- Game 68

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Today's Tunes:

Cameo - Word Up

Game Overview: Last game, the Bobcats showed the same problems that have plagued them since moving Gerald Wallace - severe lack of offense. This included sluggish, stationary, unimaginative play, noted by a lack of ball movement on offense. The defense was mediocre, with decent rotation but simply couldn't rebound to save their lives.

And, as many of you are aware, the Thunder are a dynamic title contender.They have a scoring superstar (Kevin Durant) with a 'sidekick' who's nearly as good as the star (Russell Westbrook). Their team is also pretty well stocked with solid starters (Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka) and role players who play well (James Harden, Thabo Sefolosha, Nick Collison). Their defense is formidable as well, with length at basically every position. Serge Ibaka is close to being a shot-blocking force in the league and Kendrick Perkins remains a top defensive center. Russell Westbrook is absurdly quick and makes a habit of picking opponents' pockets.

This game must executed nearly perfectly on both sides of the ball for the Bobcats for them to win. And judging by their mishandling of the previous game against the Rockets, that's nothing anyone should expect.

Key Matchup: Stephen Jackson vs Kevin Durant - Durant is leading the league in scoring at 28.1 ppg and hasn't scored fewer than 16 points this year. I don't think Stephen Jackson needs to hold him under 16 - but I do think it is instrumental that Stephen Jackson's defense makes him shoot inefficiently. On the offensive side of things, I would like to see Jack not just try to score. If he's open or there's a path to the basket, by all means go for it. But if his shot isn't falling, I would like to see him try to make an impact on offense by drawing the defense and finding an open man cutting to the basket or wherever a Bobcat is open.

Other Things of Note Tonight: D.J. White / Nazr Mohammed REVENGE GAME!