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Bobcats play tough, ultimately fall 99-82 to Thunder

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Bobcats vs Thunder boxscore

Welcome to Loud City

  • The Bobcats played MUCH better than the performance they put up against the Rockets. Nearly every player got involved thanks to strong cuts and effective passing by Augustin to find the cutting players for an easy basket or to draw fouls.
  • Charlotte put up a much better defensive effort as well. Putting Gerald Henderson on Kevin Durant was an interesting move, considering Durant's height and length advantage. It worked pretty well in the first half as Hendo kept KD out of the paint and shooting jumpers. Furthermore, the help defense was great, forcing the Thunder into turnovers.
  • D.J. White - Can we just give a standing ovation to White and the Bobcats for taking a chance on him? The dude rebounds well and has excellent shot selection.
  • Boris Diaw - He had one of his games. You probably know what I'm talking about. He scored well, dropped a bucket from deep and distributed the ball pretty well.
  • D.J. Augustin - as I mentioned above, his passing and ability to find cutting teammates helped keep the Bobcats in this game that they should have had no business being in.
  • Also, Dante Cunningham was very good. He made effective cuts for easy looks and rebounded. 
The Bad after the jump.




  • I don't really want this to be thought of as bad, because the team played hard but the Thunder are just a much better team. That said, the Bobcats were in this game for a while but the Thunder defense stepped up and swarmed the Bobcats, forcing awful shots and turnovers.
  • Stephen Jackson couldn't find his shot again tonight, though he had a little run in the third quarter where he hit a few. As opposed to when he played against the Rockets, the way the Bobcats used Jackson was much more to my liking tonight. Against Houston, Jackson was given the ball at the top of the key or at the elbow and he just sat there until he completed his new brick house on the court. Tonight, he was pretty much strictly a catch and shoot guy, save for the occasional post-up. Rather than stalling the offense, he became a piece of it.
  • Though Henderson's defense on Durant worked in the first half, in the second, it did not. KD seemed to remember that he was taller and started to elevate over Hendo and take him in the post, finishing with 25 points on the night. Also, Henderson was not a factor on offense, only taking seven shots and making two of them.