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Charlotte Bobcats at San Antonio Spurs game preview -- Game 69

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Audio Two - Top Billin

Game Overview: While the Bobcats played much better against the Thunder, they still got shut down in the fourth quarter and couldn't close the small gap separating them from their opponent. The team played hard against a more talented team but without the production of a decently efficient Stephen Jackson, the Bobcats offense couldn't keep up.

The Spurs are once again an elite, championship quality team. We all know Tim Duncan anchors their interior and Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker lead the perimeter. They also have a veritable stable of young talent with DeJuan Blair, George Hill and Gary Neal. As it is with every Gregg Popovich team, the Spurs have great defense. But if you assume San Antonio is boring, you're wrong. Everyone on the team has bought into Popovich's plan and you can see it in their unselfishness. To beat the Spurs, the Bobcats will have to use strong defense to disrupt their offense. They'll also need to have good ball movement to find open players.

Key Matchup: Gerald Henderson vs. Manu Ginobili - Ginobili is the weakest link on defense for the Spurs. I'd like to see Henderson use his quickness to drive on Ginobili. Henderson's defense on Manu will also be important. Gerald will have to keep his feet against Ginobili, who has a variety of moves on offense.

The Onion: Tim Duncan claims he has had platonic relationships with 10,000 women