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Spurs hit franchise-record 17 three-pointers, down Bobcats 109-98

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Steve Novak had 19 points.

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Bobcats vs Spurs boxscore

Pounding The Rock

I wanted that to be the whole game recap. It says just about all you need to know. Steve Novak went 6-10 FG and 5-8 from deep. The Bobcats couldn't defend the three to save their lives. They forgot that closing out on shooters was an effective method to defend shots and had poor rotation on defense, leaving someone open for San Antonio on nearly every possession.

Basically, the only thing holding back a Tim Duncan-less Spurs team was the Law of Averages.

But, perhaps I'm making this out to be worse than it was. If it wasn't for a horrendous first quarter, this game would have been close.

In the first, the Bobcats were dissected by an efficient Spurs group and also couldn't get anything going on offense. The Spurs attacked a very weak and slow Bobcats interior, mostly utilizing the pick and roll to get the roll man open.

The rest of the game was closely contested but never within reach for the Bobcats.

There were some highlights for the Bobcats, though. Gerald Henderson bounced back from an unimpressive performance last night against the Thunder and had 19 points on 14 field goal attempts against San Antonio. The bench played well, with Shaun Livingston, D.J. White and Tyrus Thomas all in double-figures. Livingston also had 8 assists.

But aside from Henderson, the starters were pretty rough. Augustin was hardly a factor, Dante Cunningham struggled a bit in his first start (Stephen Jackson was out) and Kwame Brown was pretty bad, especially on defense. Boris Diaw was the essence of nonchalance in the first quarter but got involved after that and ended up with 16 points.