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Bobcats shellacked by Nuggets, lose by 40

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The last time Matt Carroll scored 19 points, the date was April 16, 2008. That team was 32-50. And though it seems apparent that this team will finish with a record better than that, the team that came out against Denver tonight was certainly not even half that good.

The Bobcats looked disinterested throughout the game, especially on defense, losing 120-80. The Nuggets recorded 34 assists - their most this season. The Bobcats did nothing to stop their ball movement. And on the other side, for much of the game, there was little to no ball movement on offense, opting for more isolation plays - which makes absolutely ZERO sense. Efficient offenses require movement both with and without the ball. There was little of either for the most part by the Bobcats. Outside of a few players (Shaun Livingston, Kwame Brown, Matt Carroll), no one looked involved. In short, it was the ugliest game by the Bobcats since Larry Brown moped around the Cable Box.

Boris Diaw was simply atrocious on offense and Stephen Jackson was dominated on both sides of the ball. Augustin made some poor decisions and didn't have his shooting stroke going for him. Gerald Henderson was simply mediocre, having trouble scoring and defending Arron Afflalo and JR Smith.

As noted above, Matt Carroll played well, dropping 19 points and had a lot of energy, as compared to the rest of the team. Livingston had 12 points, 7 assists and two steals, which is nice, I guess. There has to be some kind of silver lining, right? ...Right? Anyone?

The new guys still struggled in limited minutes, capped by Dante Cunningham's oh-fer-six performance. But there's still lots of games left to play this season, so I urge you to not say "OMG he totally sucks! Let's kick him off the team forever!" Give them time. After all, what else are we going to do? Let's see if they make more adjustments under coach Silas.

The Nuggets, as I pointed out in the game preview, are a very deep team, though without a superstar. The Bobcats are not a deep team at all. And they don't have a superstar. Once again, the lack of talent was just so evident. Question: how much does Tyrus Thomas help change that when he makes his return in the next few weeks?