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March Madness Open Thread -- Day... um, I forget

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Who do you think makes it to the Sweet Sixteen? I know I'm supposed to be pulling for UNC, what with that being my school and all. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely rooting for them - I'm just probably not about to be crushed or too excited if they lose or win.

Rather, it's my personal connections and experiences that influence who I want to win. I'd like to see UNC win because John Henson is fun to watch on defense (and he's a nice guy). I'd like to see Michigan beat Duke because I was a Tim Hardaway fan and I'd like to see his son play well and move on in the tournament. Other games are a bit tougher on deciding whom to root for - both in games where I have no connection to any team and games where I have a connection to both teams. For example, the Marquette vs. Syracuse game. Mainly, I cheer for Marquette because a good friend is a fan, they wear nice sneakers (that must seem funny and stupid to many people) and their coach is a laugh and a half (in a good way!). As for Syracuse, one of my dad's best friends has always been a huge supporter and fan of the Orange. He's one of the nicest, most genuine people I've known and I like seeing his sports teams go far.

Enjoy the games, and try not to worry too much about your brackets.