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Bobcats do thing that isn't losing, score more points than Celtics

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Bobcats vs Celtics boxscore


I definitely didn't see this coming. Boston is a much more talented team than the Bobcats. Charlotte didn't have any business being in this game without two of their most talented players but through out-hustling the Celtics and simply putting more effort and energy on the court than Boston, they won by two. Kudos to the players for working their butts off; they definitely earned this victory.

What resulted was a double-digit comeback in the fourth quarter to hold off the Celtics and take an 83-81 victory.

D.J. White led the team with 17 points on 10 FGA and 6 rebounds, showing what's impressed fans for weeks now - his toughness on rebounding, a sweet jump shot and strength on offense in the post. Henderson also played pretty decently, though limited by foul trouble for much of the night. Augustin bounced back from 1-7 shooting in the first half to finish 5-13 from the field. Dante Cunningham hit the game-winning shot, an open jumper after clearing his defender with a pump-fake. He also had a fantastic block on Kevin Garnett in crunch time. Shaun Livingston was also efficient off the bench, dropping  points on five shot attempts. Kwame Brown was pretty decent, rebounding pretty well and hitting half of his shots. They only bad performances really came from Boris Diaw and Dominic McGuire. And Diaw put in much more effort than the last game and McGuire rebounded really well to offset his extremely poor shooting.

Defensively, Henderson and Livingston never let Ray Allen get in rhythm offensively, which helps explain why Allen missed a wide open corner three on the Celtics' final play. Nenad Krstic was also held in check by Kwame, though that's not nearly as impressive. But what really killed Boston was a lack of cohesiveness and effort. It looked like they had fixed this in the third quarter but they were roundly out-hustled in the fourth as the Bobcats outscored Boston 30-15 in the final period.

And the playoff chances refuse to die. Somehow. The Pacers lost to Sacramento tonight.