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Diaw, Kwame Eat Knicks Alive, Help Beat Knicks 114-106

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Knicks vs Bobcats boxscore

Posting and Toasting

(Yeah, I used that title on purpose)

With an arena sounding more like Madison Square Garden than Time Warner Cable Arena, the Bobcats sent home much of the crowd disappointed, but pleasing the home fans with a hard-fought impressive win over the visiting New York Knicks.

Eight Bobcats scored in double figures, led by Boris Diaw with 20 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists and zero turnovers. And even though D.J. Augustin couldn’t find his shooting rhythm, he was handing out dimes with ease – something that we haven’t seen in too long. Stephen Jackson had 19 points on a pretty ugly shooting night that was salvaged by four treys. Kwame Brown was also exceptional, grabbing seven rebounds, scoring 11 points and blocking a pair of shots. I’d go on listing who had good games, but I’d just be listing just about all of the Bobcats box score. Carmelo Anthony dropped 36 points and singlehandedly brought the Knicks back into the game before they ultimately fell.

First quarter: In an unforeseen move, Stephen Jackson started for the Bobcats. With the Knicks playing defense on par with Flat Stanley’s, an aggressive Boris Diaw took advantage, hitting 3-4 FG for 8 points and dishing two assists in the first period. Jackson starting strong with two threes but missed his other three shots. Henderson had some nice takes but Augustin couldn’t get much of anything to fall. On defense, Jack is having trouble with Melo and Stoudemire’s athleticism is bothering Diaw, who doesn’t match up well with those types. The Bobcats ended the period down 31-30.

Second quarter: Wow, the Bobcats just really took it to the Knicks in the second. Boris continued to be aggressive, unafraid of taking jump shots, driving or backing opponents down in the post. Livingston was outstanding, using his post game to score over any guard and Matt Carroll even got in on the fun, with 10 points on 4-5 shooting. The Knicks simply just played no defense as they allowed Charlotte to score their most first-half points for the season. New York on offense had no flow and got next to nothing form their bench. Carmelo was a lone bright point with 16 points on 7-11 shooting from the floor. The Bobcats outscored the Knicks 32-15 in the second to lead 62-46 at halftime

Third quarter: The Bobcats nearly folded like so many playing card houses by letting up on defense. They started hot with Jackson and Boris each hitting from distance, stretching the lead to 20. That dwindled as the Bobcats lost focus. Jackson got hit with a technical and started putting up poor shots. When Silas subbed Livingston and the bench mob back in, that all changed. Liv got back where he left off with his scoring. The other bench guys put in their usual effort and prevented a complete collapse. The Bobcats led 92-79 going into the fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter: Remember that collapse I said the bench helped prevent? Turns out it just hadn’t really come yet. The Bobcats let the Knicks get within five. I thought they were crumbling and Anthony would lead the Knicks to a close win. But the team pulled together, overcame some truly heinous Stephen Jackson shots and Kwame Brown was subbed in. What’s that you say? How could Kwame’s substitution make a difference? Well his strength and ability to seal off his defender proved invaluable for the whole night, especially with his dunk off the Stephen Jackson assist with two minutes to go. And so the Bobcats held on, made their free throws and got their second win in a row.

And Indiana lost again tonight, this time to the Pistons. I had their last two games as W’s for the Pacers and the last two for the Bobcats as L’s. So I guess the playoff hopes won’t die tonight.

Odds and Ends

  • Shaun Livingston, Dante Cunningham and Matt Carroll combined for 33 points off the bench.
  • The Bobcats out-rebounded the Knicks 46-39 and 16-10 on offensive rebounds. Their offensive rebounding was led by Dominic McGuire who had five all in the first few minutes of the second quarter.
  • This photo pretty much sums up the game for the Knicks.