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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Milwaukee Bucks game preview -- game 73

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Game Overview: If the Bobcats really want to go to the playoffs, this is, in all likelihood, a must-win game. The Bucks are also in the playoff hunt for the eighth seed in the East, but they have a tougher schedule and area game behind the Bobcats and two games behind the Pacers. The Bucks' major problems are on offense with scoring, as they have a league-worst field goal percentage at 42.8%. It just seems like they don't really know what to do on offense. but they're still great on defense, anchored by Andrew Bogut, who also leads the league in blocks per game. Brandon Jennings is one of their biggest offensive threats but can be easily be forced into bad shooting nights. Carlos Delfino is on fire from deep, making 26 of his last 44 threes. Corey Maggette comes off the bench but doesn't really add much. As long as the Bobcats play tough defense and force the Bucks into low-percentage shots (read: challeneged midrange jump shots), I really like the Bobcats' chances.

The Bobcats are on a two-game win streak, with impressive wins at Boston and at home against the Knicks. They're playing team basketball, based in strong ball movement, with excellent play in the post. A big part of this has been Boris Diaw putting in great effort, being aggressive on offense and being unafraid to shoot the ball. Stephen Jackson will probably start again, even though he has a nagging hamstring injury. Kwame Brown will have an extremely tough matchup with Bogut and Augustin will have to step up his defense against Jennings, who has carved him up each game this season (first game a triple-double, second game 32 points, 7 assists). I think we'll see a good bit of a Livingston-Henderson backcourt, depending on how Augustin plays.

Key Matchup: D.J. Augustin vs. Brandon Jennings - We need to see Augustin hound Jennings and fight through screens, just do everything in his power on defense to make Jennings shoot tough shots. On offense, let's hope to see Augustin keep up his passing from the other night against the Knicks, even though this defense is much better.

Cool thing about Brandon Jennings (that isn't about his hair): Brandon Jennings and Under Armour built a special basketball court in his home neighborhood in Compton.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention (via Twitter) that this game will be the first live nationally-broadcast Bobcats game in Australia! Pretty cool, I thought.