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I was on a podcast, talked Bobcats and I thought you might like to listen

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So this past weekend after the win over the Knicks, I joined Jake Jeppson (@CowhideGlobe), Scott Leedy (@sleedy15) on Connor Huchton's (@connorhuchton) NBA podcast. It starts with Jake speaking on the Jazz, then it progresses to me blabbing about the Bobcats at 19 minutes in. Bear in mind that it was 3 a.m. and I didn't prepare so beware of some slight stupidity. Thankfully, my articles are more thought out. The best (or worst, depending how you see it) example may be when I wonder why Livingston hasn't really threatened Augustin's starting job. Obviously we need to start Augustin because of his offensive advantages and to develop his game even further, which has shown very bright flashes of what it possibly could be some day. Regardless, I thought that I should share it with y'all, as it will at least be an interesting listen. I also touch on the Knicks. If nothing else, you get to hear what my voice sounds like, right?

And you get to hear me namedrop Vonteego Cummings. We also talk about Adam Morrison. GET YO' CRY ON.

Connor Huchton's NBA Podcast with Jake Jeppson, Ben Swanson and Scott Leedy