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Bobcats win streak ended by Magic on 89-77 loss, playoff hopes take major hit

Just a short bulleted recap tonight.

Bobcats vs Magic boxscore

Orlando Pinstriped Post

  • In the first half, Kwame was not really attacking Dwight, playing soft on defense and being abused on the pick and roll. Seems like Kwame just didn't want to gather fouls. That went out the window in the second half and Dwight forced both Kwame to exit the third quarter early with foul trouble. Dwight was simply dominant. Why? Because he's Dwight Howard - supreme athleticism and strength, defensive instincts, rebounding, yada yada yada
  • Bobcats fell down early but recovered by forcing the Magic into turnovers.
  • It looks like Boris Diaw had trouble with the stronger Brandon Bass and wasn't aggressive as we have been used to lately. He looked to pass first and only took 3 shots in the first half, making two. He wasn't posting up or driving much. Blech.
  • Dante Cunningham was nothing short of fantastic, hitting his jump shots and even driving the ball and working the paint a little, which isn't his strong point. He finished with 21 points on 15 shots.
  • D.J. Augustin had an usually sloppy game, racking up nearly as many turnovers as assists. He shot decently well to help compensate though with 7-12 FG for 19 points.
  • As the Bobcats closed a Magic lead to five, the Bobcats foundered, turning the ball over amidst Orlando's defensive pressure.
  • Charlotte just didn't have the frontcourt strength on defense to effectively contain the duo of Bass and Howard.
  • Gerald Henderson had some big growing pains, to say the least. Matched up against Jason Richardson, he should have taken advantage of J Rich's poor defense but could not find his shot. 
  • The Bobcats actually shot the ball from the field at a higher percentage than the Magic, but Orlando hit 8 more three-pointers. Orlando also had about ten more free throw attempts and makes.
  • With Indiana beating Milwaukee tonight, the Bobcat fall to two games behind in the chase for the 8th seed. The playoff hopes just got a lot slimmer.