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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Detroit Pistons game preview -- Game 80

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David Bowie - Panic In Detroit 

Game Overview: Welcome (back) to the world of meaningless basketball. Here we have two lottery-bound teams with nothing to fight for except honor. And with the embarrassing events with Detroit's veterans holding their own little protest against coach John Kuester, Detroit has a ways to go to earn honor. But it's gotten better lately, with Kuester playing just about the whole squad. Greg Monroe has shown a lot of promise as a strong presence in the post and as a rebounder. Richard Hamilton is, as usual, the definition of a streaky shooter and Tayshaun Prince is an apt defender and the type of athletic swingman that Gerald Wallace is. Tracy McGrady  has been playing the point guard a bit for Detroit, and does a little of everything, though he certainly isn't the player you remember in Houston or Orlando. The bench is comprised of Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Rodney Stuckey and the rest of the Pistons motley crew. Gordon and Villanueva can bring instant offense off the bench, as shown in previous games against the Bobcats where Villanueva has been particularly effective. Oh, and the Pistons were just sold.

From the Bobcats side of things, it's business as usual. An injury-limited roster with developing young talent trying to find their way as a team that's under-talented nearly every game. Gerald Henderson will need to bounce back from his horrific game against Miami and I look to Kwame to pick off where he left off, considering Detroit's lack of height in the frontcourt.

Key Matchup: D.J. Augustin vs. Tracy McGrady - Please, D.J., can we see a decent, consistent shooting performance before the season is out? Let's take a look at Deej's fg% for the past three months. February: 39.5%, March: 36.9%, April: 36.1%. Yikes. Not liking where this is heading. I hope D.J. can end this season on a strong note.

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