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Charlotte Bobcats at New Jersey Nets game preview -- Game 81

Today's Tunes:

Parliament - Flash light

Game Overview: Well, here we are at the penultimate game of the regular season for our Charlotte Bobcats. What a crazy season it's been. Tonight the Bobcats play the Nets to finish off their last back-to-back of the season.

If you think our starting lineup is unimpressive, take a look at the Nets. With Deron Williams injured, they start Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, Stephen Graham, Dan Gadzuric and Brook Lopez. Lopez is their first option on offense and scores pretty well from the block. However, he is an extremely poor rebounder. Against Atlanta, he played 31 minutes and grabbed zero boards. From TRB %, he's having a historically awful season as a center. But don't underestimate his offense; he can drop 20+ points easily. Anthony Morrow is also day-to-day with some knee tendinitis. What this means is that Avery Johnson is forced to give Johan Petro and Travis Outlaw significant minutes. And that's never good.

The Bobcats will probably continue the gameplan they've been using for games now: ball movement, having Augustin drive and kick to open midrange shots, trying to get Kwame going, etc. Sasha Vujacic is a pesky defender, so hopefully Gerald Henderson will squish him and his stupid hair. Diaw should be able to control his matchup with ease as well.

Injury Report: Bobcats - Jackson, Livingston, Thomas, Najera; Nets - Deron Williams (wrist), Anthony Morrow (knee), Kris Humphries (ankle) 

Key Matchup: Gerald Henderson vs. Sasha Vujacic - Yeah, I hate Sasha Vujacic. Hendo, please dominate him and make Vujacic frustrated and whiny.

Brook Lopez is that big kid who refuses to give up trick or treating on Halloween even though he's way too old