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Charlotte Bobcats vs Atlanta Hawks game preview -- Game 82

Today's Tunes:

Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp

Game Overview: Hard to believe it's the last game of the season already. We've seen immense change from the franchise, including the firing of a hall-of-fame coach, the trade of the face of the franchise, the development of young players and the first step towards rebuilding. So here we are, at the last game of the season, once again facing an offseason with questions bigger than the holes in Michael Jordan's jeans. But before the team faces that, the Bobcats have a basketball game against the Hawks of Atlanta.

The Hawks have sealed up the fifth seed against the Orlando Magic, so I expect to see the Hawks starters either play extremely limited minutes, or just sit altogether. Regardless, the Bobcats won't be facing a team that won't be very motivated or talented. Considering this game can be another tool for the coaching staff and management to use to see who to keep around for the future as a Bobcat, the Bobcats players should put out good effort.

Key Matchup: I'm not going to sit here and analyze the matchups between Kwame Brown and Zaza Pachulia or Dante Cunningham vs. Damien Wilkins. Let's just watch to see what the young guys will bring to the table.

If only Zaza Pachulia were as good at basketball as he is at fashion.