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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Atlanta Hawks GameThread

This has truly been a rough season on Bobcats fans (to put it lightly), but let's remember some of the good times. Not only did the franchise get it's first-ever triple double, it got two this season, from Stephen Jackson (24-10-10) and Boris Diaw (25-11-11). We saw a change in coaching, from one great coach (though poor with personnel in focusing on the future) to another that has shown to be able to do amazing things with little talent. D.J. Augustin, though sporadic, has shown to be an apt point guard fairly often. Gerald Henderson has developed with exponentially greater playing time than last season with over 4.5 times as many minutes as last year, and still with potential to improve. Of course, there's more, including the emergence of Kwame Brown and the newfound commitment to the youth movement by the team, among other things.