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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Washington Wizards -- game 76

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Kanye West- Spaceship

Game Overview: With the Bobcats' four-game winning streak coming to an end against the Magic on Friday, the Cats aim to gather themselves and start a new one against the Washington Wizards. The Wizards are tragic on the road, with a 2-35 record as a visiting team. To avoid the same fate they suffered against Orlando, the Bobcats will need to attack the Washington defense with a more aggressive Boris Diaw. Kwame may have a little trouble against the ultra-long and athletic JaVale McGee, but I think he still has a pretty decent game. Jordan Crawford is on a crazy hot streak, including a triple-double, a 39-point game and a bunch of 20+ point games. Gerald Henderson will have to use his defensive smarts to slow him down. Andray Blatche is coming off of an injury and played very well the past couple games, rebounding well and looking to get back to where he was. Boris Diaw should be able to force Blatche into tough shots, which Blatche has been known to take. John Wall will also return for the Wizards after his one-game suspension for a scuffle with Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Wall, perhaps the fastest player in the league, should be giving D.J. Augustin fits with his quickness. It seems Shaun Livingston will remain out, so Garrett Temple will come off the bench to guard the point.

Injury Report: Bobcats - Stephen Jackson (hamstring - questionable), Tyrus Thomas (knee), Shaun Livingston (back); Wizards - Nick Young (knee - day-to-day), Rashard Lewis (knee)

Key Matchup: Boris Diaw vs. Andray Blatche - yadayadayada Boris is necessary because he has the ability to get everyone else involved on offense, blah blah blah. It hasn't changed and it's still true. The Bobcats will also need his defense against Blatche. I also want to see him take Blatche in the post, where he allows 48% shooting. Also, Diaw is shooting 56.3% in post-up plays, according to Synergy Sports.

Funny Moment: In Mustafa Shakur's first game as a Wizard after being called up from the D-League, his name and numebr were hastily sewn onto his jersey, creating this humorous and awkward uniform.