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Bobcats embarrassed at home, lose to Wizards 97-91

Short Recap tonight too.

Wizards vs Bobcats boxscore

Bullets Forever

  • Boy, was this ugly. At one point early the two teams were shooting a combined 15 for 49. Players were just not hitting shots.
  • Kwame just was manhandled by JaVale McGee. His length and athleticism was too much and drew Kwame into foul trouble early and made Brown very tentative for much of the game.
  • While Jordan Crawford and Andray Blatche were contained well early, they found their groove and began hitting their shots and Blatche got to rebounding.
  • While Augustin struggled early, he singlehandedly brought a Wizard's lead within sight to end the third quarter. From there, it was Matt Carroll time. Wait, what? Yup, Matt Carroll had 26 points on the night and went 7-9 in the fourth. But there just wasn't enough time and the hole was too deep. Meanwhile, Jordan Crawford and Andray Blatche wouldn't let their team die.
  • The key stat had to be offensive rebounds. The Wizards had 16 to the Bobcats' 7. Nine more possessions is a lot and the Wizards took advantage of the second-chance points.
  • The Bobcats became just the third team to lose to a visiting Wizards team. That's embarrassing. The other two teams to do that? The Cavs and the post-trade Jazz.
  • This doesn't mathematically eliminate the Bobcats from the playoffs and the Pacers are currently losing by 15 to the Hornets, but it looks like there's no way they make it in as the 8th seed. Just not enough talent and too many injuries.