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Charlotte Bobcats at Cleveland Cavaliers game preview -- Game 77

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Freddie King

Game Overview: With the playoffs all but completely out of reach, the Bobcats head into Cleveland for a nationally-televised game (yeah, I don't know why either). After an impressive four-game win streak, the Bobcats have disappointed with what coach Paul Silas called "very disturbing" effort (or rather, lack thereof). Aside from Jackson being out, this game is practically the same as the previous Bobcats-Cavs game last week. And because I don't feel like writing the same thing twice, here's the link to that preview.

Injury Report: Bobcats - Stephen Jackson (hamstring); Shaun Livingston (back), Tyrus Thomas (knee); Najera (something); Cavaliers - Antawn Jamison (finger fracture); Anderson Varejao (torn right ankle tendon)

Key Matchup - While I think Boris Diaw vs. J.J. Hickson will be more important and have more impact on the game, let's switch it up and put some pressure on Gerald Henderson, shall we?

Cavs guard Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson got a special haircut for the All-Star Game this year