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Bobcats lose to Cavs 99-89, because they stunk


Bobcats vs Cavaliers boxscore

Fear The Sword

With one half finished, I was pissed. I saw them put up a disgusting effort at home against the worst road team while trying to remain in the hunt for the playoffs a few days ago. So after that, I was hoping to see the Bobcats recover and prove they wouldn’t roll over – or at the least, they’d show some heart.

And early, we got bupkis. We saw a team that looked like they didn’t belong on the court. They missed everything. They short-armed easy layups, accepted poor shot selection, and generally were just out-worked at every single facet of the game. And the defense! Where to begin – slow reactions to the pick and roll, D.J. Augustin being backed down in the post like so many young children playing against their fathers, the absence of blocking out and so much more.

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But after the break it looked like things were turning around. Charlotte went on a 10-0 run to begin the third period, keeping Cleveland scoreless in the quarter for about five minutes. The deficit was cut to four, and it began to look like this team had some heart after all. Both Augustin and Henderson were finding their shots after missing them dearly in the first (though Henderson’s shot selection puzzled and troubled me at times). But the Cavs wouldn’t die. Ramon Sessions and Luke Harangody kept the Bobcats at bay to help Cleveland recover to an 8-point lead.

Boom, fourth quarter. Poop, meet fan. Yikes, Garrett Temple. And yikes, Kwame Brown. And yikes, everyone. Temple had a bunch of mistakes in the fourth that played a big part in taking the Bobcats out of this game. And then there was Kwame Brown, who had a mediocre game offensively but only recorded two rebounds, both of them defensive. But the bigger problem was his ineptitude at guarding Ryan Hollins. Hollins, like McGee is an athletic, gangly long seven-footer. So it only made sense that once again, Kwame came up short in being able to defend that type of center. If Kwame guarded Hollins tight, the Cavs center would just use his athletic quickness to get by Kwame. Then if Kwame gave Hollins space, he’d just hit an open jump shot. Ryan Hollins would have 11 points in the fourth quarter. And so the deficit was too much and the Bobcats couldn’t find the offense to keep up and the Cavs rolled to the victory.

Odds and Ends


  • Diaw, huh? I’ll let the comments handle this.
  • Kudos to Matt Carroll for bringing it every night. Dude had as many blocks as the whole Cavs team. He had more blocks than Kwame and Boris combined. And he shot pretty well, too.
  • I should also mention Dante Cunningham's game, who had 10 points and 11 rebounds, though it wasn't a very efficient night scoring.