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Bobcats fall well short in comeback effort, succumb to Heat 112-103

Bobcats vs Heat boxscore

Peninsula is Mightier

Well I don't know about you, but a 23 point and 13 rebound performance from Kwame Brown was exactly what I was expecting tonight. No wait, I wasn't expecting that at all. Nor did anyone else.

But there it was. Kwame Brown led the Bobcats in the box score tonight. And Garrett Temple was the next highest scorer with 17 points.  That about sums up how rough tonight was. The Bobcats couldn't stop Dwyane Wade from getting to the free throw line, or contain LeBron and Bosh and lost the game by 9. Though they were down by double digits for much of the game, the Bobcats mounted a small comeback in the fourth quarter on the play from Temple but the Heat closed out and finished off Charlotte.

Despite fouling nearly every drive to the hoop, the Bobcats managed to keep it close early. But Dwyane Wade's ability and fervor for attacking the rim forced Gerald Henderson into early foul trouble. While LeBron wasn't scoring, he was facilitating the heat offense well. But the Bobcats' inability to defend such elite players doomed them from the start. The stanza ended with the Bobcats down 6. The second quarter was just more of the same. Most of the Bobcats offense came from the usual penetrate the defense and kick out to the open D.J. White/Dante Cunningham for an open midrange jump shot. Garrett Temple started off with a fast break dunk but didn't really show what he was going to bring later. And D.J. White did D.J. White things, rebounding and playing tough in the paint. Miami ended the half up 55-44.

With the third quarter beginning, just like that, it was Kwame time again. Rebounding and using his staple spin-to-hook shot move, Kwame racked up 7 points and 5 rebounds in the period. Gerald Henderson had a struggle of a night, never finding the offense he had last game and getting in too much foul trouble trying to defend Wade to get in a groove offensively. Not that Matt Carroll was great defending Wade or better on offense. Augustin was decent in the quarter, with 3-7 shooting for 7 points. With three quarters down, the Bobcats were stuck in fourteen point deficit.

After a couple Kwame Brown makes to begin the quarter, Garrett Temple showed his mettle, hitting three buckets from downtown in a row and cutting the Heat lead to just eight points with about 8:30 left in the game. Temple also got to the line a bunch. D.J. White also was effective on offense, hitting jump shots and getting good looks in the paint. But despite D.J. White's strong showing, he couldn't stop Chris Bosh, who had 13 points in the final period of play. And so the Bobcats' comeback attempt ended and the Heat took care of business, winning by 9 points.


Odds and Ends

  • As is Silas' modus operandi, he kept with the hot hand and stuck with Garrett Temple at point guard in the last quarter.
  • Boris Diaw, where art thou? I miss your aggressive play! In a moment that exemplified why some want Diaw traded, Boris lost control of a loose ball in the first quarter. With Bosh lunging for the ball, Boris only half-heartedly bent down to try to pick it up. Bosh tapped it to a teammate, starting a fast break. Luckily, Diaw broke up the Heat transition offense. Still. Plus Diaw had a grand total of one rebound for the whole night. Call me old fashioned, but I like to see my power forwards with more rebounds than that.