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Bobcats Predraft Workouts, Day 6 - Marcus Morris, et. al

The Bobcats have now completed day 6 of draft workouts with only two weeks until the NBA Draft in Newark, N.J. (Madison Square Garden is under maintenance).

Marcus Morris obviously was the main highlight from today's workout, being the most talented player, without a doubt. But Carleton Scott seemed to really impress Paul Silas, saying Scott "shot really, really well."

But it was still Morris who would be the player of most interest. He tweaked an ankle during the workout, but it's nothing bad. Paul Silas had kind words for him, describing him as a very smart basketball player that overcomes a lack of amazing athleticism with basketball I.Q., like boxing out well, fading away rather than turn inside so as to avoid possibly getting his shot blocked. Paul also spoke about his range.

But my favorite thing was Morris talking about his mother raising him and his brothers.

She’s a single parent with three boys. I feel like she had to be strict on us because growing up in the type of environment we grew up in, if you didn’t have a stable home and a mom like my mom, it’s kind of hard to stay off the streets and not be one of those guys who’s just a statistic – drug dealing and things like that. I give my mom a lot of credit for keeping us in and I make sure that we stay tight with me and my brother. That’s why I think we’re the way we are now.

Be sure to see the whole transcript from interviews with Marcus Morris, Paul Silas, as well as video highlights from the workouts and everything else.

Oh, and Donald Sims from Gaffney, S.C. and Appalachian State worked out. He's a small guard that can score in bunches, though he's only shown that at the SoCon level.