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NBA Finals, Game 6: Game Thread

As the world waits anxiously, an important NBA Finals game is set to begin momentarily. I've been opening these game threads with tales of Brian Cardinal lore and various other meanderings, but I'll change the format up this time. Stay after the jump for more intrigue regarding Game 6 and to comment as the game proceeds.

So, this one seems kind of important.  Questions will be answered. "Legacies" and "narratives" will be made (unfortunately). The Dallas Mavericks lead the Miami Heat thus far in the series, 3-2 (in games), and the Heat can't afford to continually struggle during the 4th quarter. To the Heat's advantage, however, they have home-court advantage for the rest of the series (though how much of an advantage that provides for the Heat is debatable). No matter what happens, I assume it will be fun to watch. Please use the comment section below to provide your thoughts on this battle of giants (Brian Cardinal vs. Juwan Howard, etc.) as the game continues.