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The Inaugural Rufus on Fire Podcast

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Inaugural Rufus on Fire Podcast by Rufus on Fire

I'm not sure, but I think this may be the first Bobcats-centric podcast ever. I remember David did some call-in shows in the past of some nature, but I'm not certain if he did a podcast.

Anyway, our podcast has RoF writers Connor Huchton and Josh Priemski on to talk about the Bobcats' needs, possible picks at each Bobcats draft spot, and more. I think we're going to try to do this weekly, but we're all fairly busy as it is, so it may vary. I'm just glad to get this off the ground. I have wanted to do something like this for a while and the fellas shared the same desire. Most thanks go to Connor for putting the wheels in motion, though.

Hit the jump for a breakdown of how the podcast breaks down into segments and other good stuff.

For those short on time, here's how the segments are split up and what time they begin in the podcast:

  1. The Bobcats' needs (:30)
  2. The #9 pick (5:15)
  3. The #19 pick (13:20)
  4. The #39 pick (19:30)
  5. On trading up (24:00)
  6. What prospects Josh and Connor like, regardless of whether the Bobcats can or should draft them (26:10)
  7. And then they went on a tangent talking about JIMMER (32:20)
I had some music, but long story short, I had to cut it. I'll try to work out the kinks next time and hopefully, we'll have some short music clips at the beginning and end of each podcast.

Next week, the podcast will occur after the draft. As such, Connor and Josh will discuss each pick, how they think each player will fit on the team, and we'll also have Sophia Brugato, editor of the Portland Trail Blazers blog Pinwheel Empire, on to talk about the Rich Cho hire.