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Bobcats Predraft Workouts, Day One - Markieff Morris/Faried/Stepheson/Flowers/Stitt/Corbett

The Bobcats began their predraft workouts yesterday, bringing in Markieff Morris of Kansas, Kenneth Faried of Morehead State, Alex Stepheson of Southern Cal (formerly of UNC, before transfer), Gary Flowers of Southern Miss, Demontez Stitt of Clemson and LaMarshall Corbett of Angelo State.

The Bobcats site has some excellent stuff from it including short bios of each player (because some of these guys are pretty under the radar). There are also quotes from coach Paul Silas, Morris, Faried, Stitt and Corbett for your perusal. Why Stepheson and Flowers didn't speak to the media, I'm not really sure. They just didn't.

For those who don't know, the media isn't let into workouts until about the end, when it's basically a shootaround. But the workout did begin with a bunch of drills, then moved into one-on-one and three-on-three games.

Rick Bonnell also wrote a piece about the Bobcats draft strategy concerning trading up and Mike Cranston wrote an article about the workout in general.

As Cranston's article does note, Mr. Jordan was in attendance at the workout. It's good to see Mike involved in the organization at such an important level and for those who question his judgment, Paul did say that Rod and himself would have the ultimate decision, and not Michael.

If you're wondering about Demontez Stitt and LaMarshall Corbett, both are local kids. Stitt attended Butler High School in Matthews, while Corbett is from Reidsville. While Stitt is probably a fringe second round player, Corbett was brought in by Scott Howard, director of scouting. Corbett is talented, has the ability to score and put up an impressive season his junior year. However, he ran into trouble this past January after reportedly stealing an Xbox and selling it at a pawn shop, after which the team suspended him for the rest of the season. But as the Bobcats have shown, they're never one to overlook a guy who could use a second chance. In all likelihood, it's quite doubtful the Bobcats draft him, but I hope Corbett has learned from his mistake and still tries to make it in basketball if he still truly wants to, whether that's through the D-League, overseas basketball or if he's drafted.

On Friday, the Bobcats will have Kemba Walker (UCONN), Tristan Thompson (Texas), Shelvin Mack (Butler), Trey Thompkins (Georgia), Delvon Johnson (Arkansas) and Nikola Vucevic (Southern Cal).