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Bobcats' Final Draft Workout Tomorrow; Diaw Picks Up Option; NBA CBA Negotiations update

Big, BIG, BIG workout tomorrow. The Bobcats are bringing in Bismack Biyombo, Jordan Hamilton, Marcus Morris, Chris Singleton and Jajuan Johnson. The final workout before the draft, this could be important as to whom the Bobcats pick on Thursday.

Per Mike Cranston, Boris Diaw has picked up his player option.

And last, but certainly not least, CBA negotiations continue to march on.

From ESPN's Chris Sheridan:

The union made the first proposal, asking to retain the current "soft" salary-cap system but with a reduction of several hundred million dollars in player salaries over the life of a five-year proposal.

The owners, who are asking for a 10-year agreement, then came back with a counterproposal of their own. Owners offered what they called a "flex cap" system that would earmark at least $2 billion per season toward player salaries.

From Brian T. Smith, the Utah Jazz beat writer and NBA reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune.

NBPA's Hunter: "We are a long, long way away from a deal."Chris Paul: "We talked for a while. Both sides made moves, but we're still very, very far apart on what we're trying to get done."

Today wasn't doomsday Stern predicted, Hunter said. There was movement and sides will continue talking.

Also, our own Connor Huchton represented Rufus on Fire in the SB Nation mock draft, which asks each of our network's blogs for their pick in a mock draft. Pretty cool stuff. Here's the #9 pick and here's the #19. You can find all the picks and reasoning behind them from each writer on this article thread that updates after each writer makes their pick here.