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The Charlotte Bobcats And Their Draft Options

As a team that has many positional needs to fill, the upcoming draft is essential to the future of the Charlotte Bobcats. The team holds two first round picks, at the 9th and 19th position, and is in good position to address at least a portion of their needs. But, in regards to those needs, what should the Bobcats focus on?

Coming into this draft, the Bobcats lack many essential components that a quality, playoff team possesses. However, two central needs seem to emanate from those issues: 3-point shooting (and perimeter scoring as a whole), and a quality big man with the ability to score and rebound.

Because drafting isn't an absolute process and an equally imprecise one, the Bobcats may be unable to adequately fill both needs with the combination of both picks. Though I expect the Bobcats to attempt to address these needs, it is highly likely that one of the picks will not immediately fill a need adequately. Logically, more natural talent should be available to the Bobcats with their 9th pick, so what direction the Bobcats choose to go with that pick is essential to fixing those needs.

So, which type of player should the Bobcats choose with their 9th pick? Should they choose a perimeter scorer and shooter like Jordan Hamilton or Klay Thompson, or should they take a scoring and rebounding forward like Marcus Morris or Tristan Thompson? Should they forgo their immediate needs to take a chance on a rebounder and defender with elite potential like Bismack Biyombo, or even a versatile defender like Kawhi Leonard or Chris Singleton?

For a team in a rebuilding phase like the Bobcats, it may be tempting to take a player who immediately solves an offensive issue. Such a player may exist in the form of Jordan Hamilton, who, if nothing else, should at least provide the Bobcats with a perimeter shooter to improve their 3-point shooting. On the other side of the spectrum, a player like Bismack Biyombo awaits. Biyombo has shown very little ability to score (and will most likely be unable to score outside of dunking in the NBA), but has displayed incredible rebounding and defensive ability. He led the entire ACB (a prominent European league) in blocks per game, while playing only 17 minutes per game. These two players represent the central dilemma facing the Bobcats: immediate help or potential.

As I've stated, it's important that the Bobcats gain some concrete help in this draft. Though I love Biyombo as a prospect and player, it'd be understandable if the Bobcats avoid him with their 9th pick, unless they are completely sold on his abilities. Therefore, the smarter and safer choice may lie with a player like Jordan Hamilton (or even Klay Thompson), because of their defined translating abilities (The Bobcats really need help on the offensive end, especially from the perimeter).

How do you feel about the Bobcats' needs? Should they take a chance with their 9th pick and hope to still get an (immediate) quality, decent player with their 19th pick? Or should they primarily focus on choosing players that can more immediately improve the Bobcats' team in certain areas? Feel free to offer your further thoughts (beyond the poll) in the comment section.