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Some links because I feel like it

NBA Playbook - Overseas Scouting Report: Bismack Biyombo

Basketball wizard Sebastian Pruiti takes a look at Bismack's strengths and weaknesses using footage from Biyombo's games in Spain. It seems his offense is not as bad as advertised.

2011 NBA Draft Style Analysis: The Suits Finally Fit and Kemba is King | She.Got.Game.

Because not everything needs to be all about the impact Kemba may have on the court, here is Megan Wilson on this year's draft fashion, including Kemba, who shined.

Thoughts on Cunningham's Offer

Rick Bonnell gives a little perspective on what he thinks of the move.

Bobcats Pick Biyombo Seeking Buyout In Spain | ESPN

According to ESPN, the Bobcats and Fuenlabrada, Biyombo's Spanish club team, have scheduled mediation on Friday.

Bucks Retool With Stephen Jackson, But Are They Any Better?

A look at how the trade impacts Milwaukee from Tom Ziller

Making The Transition From Shot Dominant Lead Guard To A True Point Guard

Pruiti (again) with the analysis of many of the guards in this draft who took most of their teams shots and how they some of their passing skills rate. NOTE: READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE. Do not skip out on the last couple paragraphs. These are only two areas of these players' games. It does not mean Ben Hansbrough is going to be the best point guard in this draft.