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Bobcats Predraft Workouts, Day 4 - Too Many Guys to Fit in the Title

Well, the Bobcats had a full day of workouts today, though it didn't exactly go as expected.

Marshon Brooks and Alec Burks, both expected to work out, were sidelined with ankle problems and a dislocated shoulder, respectively. In their stead, the Bobcats returned Demontez Stitt (Clemson) to the court, along with a chill bro named Chad Tomko (UNC-Wilmington), both native Charlotteans.

According to Brooks' Twitter (@Marshon2), he rescheduled his workout for another day

The rest of the workout was the same, with Norris Cole (Cleveland State), E'Twaun Moore (Purdue), Josh Selby (Kansas) and Klay Thompson (Washington State).

And the other workout went as planned with Jordan Hamilton (Texas), Tobias Harris (Tennessee), Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA), Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State), Chandler Parsons (Florida) and Chris Singleton (Florida State).

Once again, hit up for interviews and assorted videos from the workouts and interviews | Morning workout | Afternoon workout

Mike Cranston's got an article on the day, too.

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