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NBA Finals, Game 4: Second Half Thread

As you may have heard, the NBA Finals are currently taking place. Basketball is being played, Dirk Nowitzki is making amazing shots, and Brian Cardinal is quickly becoming a star in front of millions of viewers. The Mavericks currently trail in the series, 2 games to 1, and the city of Dallas is quickly becoming frantic. However, Captain Dirk still exists, and the hope of Mavericks' fans remains for at least one more half. 

Before the series began, the majority of Rufus on Fire clearly voiced their belief that the series would result in a Dallas victory. Now, as the second half of Game 4 is set to begin, Miami leads a close game, 45-43. Many have described this game as a "must win" for Dallas, so what happens during the last 24 minutes of the game might be important. And by "might be", I mean "Certainly, Brian Cardinal."

I've opened up this game thread for you to voice your thoughts on the game as the the second half proceeds. So, please do so in the comments below.