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Bobcats Predraft Workouts, Day 5 - Butler/Saunders/Thompson/Stokes/Harper

Yesterday, the Bobcats brought in six guards/forwards (though Gary Johnson didn't play; might have been a little beat up) to showcase their talents, focusing on the 39th pick.

The players were: Jimmy Butler (Marquette), Demonte Harper (Morehead State), Damian Saunders (Duquesne), Corey Stokes (Villanova) and Mychel Thompson (Pepperdine), and the aforementioned Johnson from the University of Texas.

Here's the link to's information.

But frankly, that's it. There was no Kemba Walker or Kawhi Leonard or any extremely talented prospect that brought the media crowd that showed up to those workouts. Jimmy Butler was probably the most skilled guy out there, which is fine. As Rick Bonnell noted in today's article, the Bobcats have a workout on Thursday, which Marcus Morris is expected to attend.