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Tomorrow's predraft workout: Marcus Morris, et al.

Marcus Morris (Kansas), Thomas Coleman (NC A&T) , Jerai Grant (Clemson), Cam Long (George Mason), Carleton Scott (Notre Dame) and Donald Sims (App St.).

Yup, those are the prospects coming in tomorrow.

The only one we should really pay attention to is Marcus Morris, who many project will be the Bobcats' pick at number 9, despite being a power forward, which the Bobcats have tons of guys at already. The other guys? Local ballers and others that are probably getting looked at for a summer league squad, assuming there is one.

More on Morris after the jump.

Marcus is Markieff's brother, who was worked out by the Bobcats on the team's first day of workouts. 

He's a versatile scorer, with good moves on the block and range that extends to the three-point line. Though not a great athlete, he's got a good motor and a knack for rebounding the ball. Marcus is also a fairly decent ballhandler, though I wouldn't expect him to play point-forward at all. His size could be a cause for concern, as he's been contending in interviews that he's definitely a SF. I'm not so sure, but if he plays that way tomorrow and the Bobcats see that, he could convince them.

Also, if you're wondering, though Marcus and Markieff are very similar in size and last name, they play quite different. The general consensus on Markieff as compared to Marcus is that Markieff is a better rebounder and defender. He's more athletic, as well. However, his offensive game is not nearly as honed, either.

Thinking that they play similarly just because of relation and size is a fallacy that you shouldn't fall for, as they're completely different players.