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NBA Finals, Game 5: Game Thread

Once again, I'm opening up a game thread for the Rufus on Fire community to voice their thoughts on the game, as Dallas and Miami square off in a battle of wills of Brian Cardinal proportions. There's so many amazing story lines to be had in this one, y'all. Will Brian Cardinal become the hero that Dallas needs, and also the one it deserves?  Stay after the jump to comment as the game continues and read about more possible Game 5 story lines.

Other prevalent Game 5 story lines:

  • Will Juwan Howard outplay Ian Mahinimi, or vice versa?
  • Will Jose Barea get a chance to use the words "hella" or "chill"?
  • Will Dirk Nowitzki morph into his unstoppable basketball alter ego, Captain Dirk?
  • Will DeShawn Stevenson get a new neck tattoo featuring every Mount Rushmore president before the game begins? 
Enjoy the game, and please use the comment section to discuss your thoughts as the game progresses.