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Friday Links: NBA Lockout Edition

You may have heard that the NBA lockout is official. I thought that I'd share some reading on the subject to help you manage your lockout blues.

NBA Lockout: David Stern Is Lying To You

Tom Ziller breaks down the questionable finance reports of the NBA, and why the owners don't deserve sympathy.

The lockout and the damage done

CBS Sports's Matt Moore looks at how the lockout will damage the league, owners, players, employees, writers, and even charities. 

How Will The NBA Lockout News Affect Incoming Rookies And The Developmental League?

From Scott Schroeder over at Ridiculous Upside.

Brian Scalabrine serious about taking his talents to Europe

Kurt Helin reports on Brian Scalabrine's next move. For me, this was a significantly less bleak report than typical lockout fare. I'd love to see Brian Scalabrine win over the hearts and minds of yet another continent. 

Fear And The NBA Lockout

My piece from earlier today discussing how the NBA lockout could damage the NBA fan community over a long-term span.