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Tuesday Links, Including Boris Diaw, Kemba Walker, and Kevin Durant!

The lockout has reached an all-time level of frustration inducement during the past few days. Very little is happening, especially when it comes to Bobcats-specific news. However, interesting pieces regarding the NBA (and the Bobcats) are still being written. Join me after the jump to read about recent developments in the scope of the NBA and the Bobcats (Spoiler: Boris Diaw and Kemba Walker are involved). 

  • Remember when Boris Diaw was really, really good? That was pretty awesome. Noam Schiller reflects on Diaw's 05-06 season with the Suns in this article for Hardwood Paroxysm: The Lost Season: Boris Diaw, 05-06 
  • Kemba Walker won an award from the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce! Walker was awarded the "Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce role model of the year" award, which is neat. Apparently he also gave a pretty good acceptance speech, which is equally impressive. Walker is commonly described as being a great leader, and this report does nothing to damage that notion: UConn's Kemba Walker Honored By Middlesex Chamber of Commerce
  • I missed this report from a few days ago, but it's still interesting to read now. According to this John Krolik report (based on a Mike Cranston tweet), Paul Silas does indeed plan to play Kemba Walker and D.J. Augustin in conjunction. I know many Bobcats' fans wondered post-draft if the Bobcats would attempt to do so, and now it appears they will (while playing zone defense). Here's the more detailed report: Silas plans to use zone defense, play Walker and Augustin together
  • In general NBA news, reports have recently indicated the Timberwolves were interested in choosing former NBA coach Don Nelson as their new coach. Per this report from Scott Schroeder, the team has now also interviewed former Detroit Pistons assistant coach and Timberwolves player Terry Porter: Minnesota Timberwolves Interview Terry Porter, Go Against Everything David Kahn Wants
  • I'll end this on a positive note: According to a report from David Aldridge, a summer league game of epic proportions is set to happen in about a month, on the 20th of August. The game will be formatted with a Goodman League team facing a Drew League team, and include NBA players like Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, and Brandon Jennings. If this game gets televised, my August 20th will instantly become significantly better. Read Mike Prada's full report here for more details, including other players that could possibly be involved in the game: Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings, Others Playing In Summer League Showdown