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Morning Ramblings: The Charlotte Bobcats, Matt Carroll's Twitter, and the NBA Lockout

There isn't much NBA news happening currently, but that doesn't mean I'm not scouring the Internet for random tidbits (Great word, right? "Tidbits" sounds like a name for bread crumbs. From now on, I'm calling my bread crumbs "tidbits") and any other interesting news. Below are some of my assorted thoughts along with some links. Have a great Day-Before-The-4th-Of-July day!

What have you been doing to deal with the lockout and the lack of significant Bobcats' news? Other than running around in circles while screaming in public parks and trying to convince people that I'm Australian, I'm not sure what to do. Here are some ideas I originally conceived as possible ways to pass the time:

  • Exercise. That one didn't last long.
  • Taking up kick-boxing. This sounded intriguing, but it's technically exercising, so I gave it up. It's a shame, really. Kickboxing instantly makes you way cooler. It's science.
  • Get Matt Carroll to follow me on Twitter. Mr. Carroll recently joined Twitter, according to the Bobcats' official Twitter feed. Needless to say (though I'm saying it, so that's instantly a redundant expression), I seized this opportunity to begin my official campaign to get him to follow me. So far it's been largely unsuccessful, but hope remains for all of us at the "Get Matt Carroll To Follow Connor Huchton on Twitter" offices. And by "all of us" and "offices", I'm referring to me sitting alone in a dark room typing way too aggressively on a computer keyboard.
  • Watch Bismack Biyombo and Kemba Walker highlights.  The hardest part about watching videos like this is trying not to get too carried away. Small-sample size, I know, but wowzers (still not listed as a word in Webster's latest dictionary, unfortunately). 
  • Re-watch Bismack Biyombo and Kemba Walker highlights. Did I mention that I have a lot of time to waste because of the lockout?
  • Learn more about NBA history on the NBA's official website. As you may have read, official NBA sites have been forced to take down all content relating to current NBA players. This makes most of the content on the NBA's official website relate to dunk contests and players of previous eras, and it's an odd experience to explore the entire site. 
How are you combatting the lack of NBA and Bobcats' news since the lockout? Have you finally tried to find out what "Pilates" is? Have you learned a second language, or even a "minute language"? If you understood that terrible joke, I'm sorry for making it. Have you gone to the public library to look for "books"? Who's the better rapper: Gordon Hayward or Jimmer Fredette's brother, T.J. Fredette? My choice would probably have to be T.J. Fredette. He seems more committed to his music.  

Will soccer ever become truly popular in the U.S.? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions as a way to compensate for already missing the NBA and the Bobcats? Let me know what you think in the comments!