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Bismack Biyombo and Kemba Walker Highlights & Analysis from Jimmer's Exhibition Game

I was unable to catch the game, but a fine fellow sent me the links to these videos, one short highlight reel for each player from Jimmer Fredette's rookie exhibition game from a couple weeks back.

First up is Biyombo's:

Bismack Biyombo Highlights from Jimmer's All-Star Game (via lockouthoops)

Play No. 1: Biyombo receives the ball as he posts up on the left block. Guarding him is the rebounding and dunk monster, Kenneth Faried. Biyombo is strong enough to force his way deep in the paint. He takes one power dribble towards his right, drawing a second defender coming from behind Faried. Biyombo fakes, draws both defenders into the air, pivots back around and gets a nice roll on a short hook shot. Not bad. His footwork could use some improvement and though his touch looked nice, that shot was pretty short. Still, this looks like it wasn't some pickup game with no defense. Nicely done.


Play No. 3: Just look how strong he is on this post-up. He is practically under the net, holding off Faried with ease. Biyombo catches the entry pass, turns, dunk. Cake.

Play No. 4: Excellent timing and help defense to rush over and nick the layup of the driving opponent. Crazy length on display here.

Play No. 5: Meet me at the summit. Effectively guarding two opponents, Biyombo halts a well-run give-n-go play by swatting Faried's attempt at the rim.

Hit the jump for Kemba's video and analysis

Kemba Walker Highlights from Jimmer's All-Star Game (via lockouthoops)

Play No. 1: Leading a 3 on 2 fastbreak, Kemba drives and catches Jimmer with a fake behind-the-back pass. Fredette is now beaten by Walker, who lays the ball up high off the glass, well above Jimmer's outreached grasp.

Play No. 2: Granted, most of these Kemba highlights come against Jimmer, defensive un-extraordinaire. Anyway, Kemba flies right past Señor Slowfoot to find a lane to the hoop as Faried struggles to fight through Biyombo to challenge the shot. Once again, high off the glass.

Play No. 3: Perhaps one of the easiest ankle-breaking moves ever. The simplest of crossovers and Jimmer skids five feet away. He tries to recover but Kemba has already put up the shot that will find the net.

Play No. 4: This is something that concerns me. Don't get me wrong, he did score, which is good. Running a pick and roll with Biyombo, Walker draws both Fredette and Chris Singleton while Biyombo streaks down a freeway untouched. Instead of laying up what could have been an easy alley-oop over the single defender, he takes it himself. It has been noted that Walker, though a fine passer in pick-and-roll situations, just doesn't do it enough, as Sebastian Pruiti wrote in his scouting report of Kemba.

Plays No. 5 & 6: Both are three-pointers, the latter of which was in transition.

Play No. 7: Here Kemba plays with Jimmer on some crossovers and when he takes it to the hole, he can't finish the tough angle floater.

Play No. 8: Not too much of note here. Kemba loses Jimmer once again and proceeds to catch Faried somewhat off-guard with a driving layup.

Of course each player has much room for improvement. They're rookies. They're not even that much yet; they're still draft picks, practically. I hope you enjoyed seeing a rare glimpse of the team's rookies as much as I did, and as a reminder, please don't read too much into this if you're looking for indicators of future NBA success.