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Meet the Rufus On Fire Rookie

First off I would like to thank Ben for taking me on and allowing me to contribute to Rufus on Fire. I'm currently a student at the University of North Dakota--yes, North Dakota (it is as cold as you think)--studying communications/journalism. I've lived in North Dakota my whole life, which may have you wondering how I am a fan of the Bobcats. Living in ND has its pluses and minuses but one of the minuses is not having a hometown team to root for. Those that are from the area are like free agent sports fans.

It just so happens that I am a big Carolina Panthers fan and wasn't a fan of a particular NBA team prior to Charlotte getting the Bobcats. Due to not having a team, and my love for the Panthers, I made a decision to follow the Bobcats from the start. I enjoy following expansion teams as you get to follow the team from day one, something that most NBA fans can't say.

That's how I became a Bobcats fan. After the jump I'll have a little bit more about myself, although I promise to keep it short.

Writing is a passion of mine and that is the main reason I'm here. I have been a sports reporter for the student newspaper at UND going on four years now and in the past I have written extensively for Bleacher Report on a variety of things, but mostly the NFL. I've always been interested in writing for SB Nation though, and I figured it was time to try to catch on with a blog. I'm a big fan of Cat Scratch Reader and from there I found Rufus on Fire. After following the blog for a couple of weeks I decided to reach out to Ben and see if he was looking to add another contributor.

Fortunately, for me, he was. I look forward to bringing Bobcats coverage to all of you and sharing my work with the community. I don't want to ramble on too long, so with that being said I'm going to sign off on my first post on RoF.

I look forward to many more posts and spirited debate.