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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Cleveland Cavaliers preview -- Game 14

reminder: today's game is at 2:00 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

"I'm New Here" - Gil Scott-Heron

Game Overview: It hasn't been long since these two teams played each other. Last time, the Cavs mauled the Bobcats on some very strong play from rookies Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. In general, the Bobcats defense was shredded inside and out as the Bobcats couldn't defend the paint and compensation led to poor close-outs on Cleveland's shooters, who shot 47.6% from deep.

It seems Kemba will stay a starter, but he'll undoubtedly have some trouble against Anthony Parker, who has a distinct height advantage at 6'6". Charlotte's weak frontcourt will be tested by big man Anderson Varejao who will have a difficult time not outrebounding Byron Mullens or anyone else on the Bobcats. Augustin will again have his hands full with Irving's quickness, ballhandling, passing and scoring ability.

Key Matchup: Augustin vs. Irving - In the previous matchup, Irving missed his first field goals and then didn't miss any the rest of the night. Augustin was also pretty good offensively, but I'd like to see him stay in front of Irving better.

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