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Charlotte Bobcats at Chicago Bulls preview -- Game 16

Today's Tunes:

"Mashin' On The Motorway" - DJ Shadow

Game Overview: Reigning MVP Derrick Rose is out with a toe injury, but that didn't seem to hamper the Bulls against the Cavaliers last night, tearing apart Cleveland by 39 points. Rip Hamilton starts at shooting guard and could pose a problem due to the height advantage over Kemba Walker. Even more of an issue will be the Bulls' frontcourt power. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah easily outclass the Bobcats' frontcourt, in most, if not all, aspects. Noah doesn't have great offensive firepower, but it should be interesting to see Biyombo defend one of the more talented rebounders in the league. Gerald Henderson faces a tough matchup against 6'9" Luol Deng. Deng's a very good defender and a pretty versatile scorer on offense. Much of good defense is played by positioning, but you have to wonder how much height and length can factor into Deng's play on offense. On defense, Henderson will have a much more difficult time than against Orlando. Deng's much quicker than Hedo Turkoglu, so driving to the paint won't be easy. And Deng's length and defensive quickness make him a tough defender closing out on jump shots. Could be a low-scoring night. For everyone.

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